Tourists climb wall to take selfie, fall to their death when cellphone slips: Investigators

Two tourists plummeted to their deaths in what officials believe was a tragic accident this week in Portugal.

According to the New York Post, 33-year-old Michael Kerns of Australia and 37-year-old Louise Benson of the United Kingdom were on a wall in Praia dos Pescadores beach on Tuesday.

Local reports indicate the couple attempted to take a cellphone photo of themselves perched atop the high wall in front of the natural backdrop, which is a frequent stop among tourists in Portugal.

“Everything seems to indicate that the fall happened when they were trying to take a selfie,” according to a local emergency rescue coordinator.

Ruis Pereira da Terra said that it “seems they dropped their mobile phone and fell down while leaning over to retrieve it.”

The bloodied bodies of the man and woman were found a short time later. Local fishers were reportedly first to see them, initially believing they were sleeping on the beach.

A beach custodian came across the shocking scene and contacted police.

Theirs were not the first fatalities to have occurred from a fall off of the wall. News reports show local activists have petitioned for additional safety provisions along its perimeter.

Pereira da Terra said the distribution of evidence at the scene determined the investigation’s working theory about the deaths, as reported by the U.K. Telegraph.

“As we found a mobile phone on the wall, our theory is that they were taking a selfie, but they dropped the phone and leaned to grab it and fell,” he said.

[Featured image: Louise Benson and Michael Kearns/Facebook]