Cops stage intense manhunt after violent criminal escapes from halfway house

Authorities in North Dakota reported that they found an escaped convict who had been granted conditional release at a Fargo halfway house.

According to KFGO, 29-year-old Sean Schroeder was first reported missing from the facility on Wednesday.

He had been placed in the halfway house as he awaited sentencing on a manslaughter conviction. Reports indicate he pleaded guilty to beating Chad Warren to death last year in Dunseith.

Authorities announced a federal warrant had been obtained charging him with violating the conditions of his conditional release.

Two days later, law enforcement officers responding to a report of a possibly intoxicated individual in the 3700 block of Burritt Street South encountered Schroeder. He was arrested shortly after 6:30 p.m. and transported to Cass County Jail.

“On June 13, 2018, Sean M. Schroeder, 29 years of age, from Dunseith, ND walked away from Center, Inc., [sic] 123 15th St. N., Fargo where he was on a court-ordered furlough from federal custody,” police reported. “Schroeder did not have immediate access to a vehicle when he left Centre, Inc.”

It was unclear from initial reports what additional charges, if any, will be pursued against Schroeder. Federal prosecutors are reportedly in the process of making that determination in partnership with the U.S. Marshals Service.

Authorities shared public alerts while Schroeder remained on the loose, as reported by Fox News. According to Fargo Police Chief Dave Todd, the man’s “dangerous and violent” criminal history should have prevented his furlough into the minimum security residence.

Though federal authorities did not oppose the transfer prior to his escape, U.S. Attorney Chris Myers later said that Schroeder “will wish” he had chosen to stay at the halfway house.

[Featured image: Sean Schroeder/Fargo Police Department]