[Update] Crews find body of 6-year-old boy swept away in river while at park with family

An Indiana family got the tragic news Saturday morning after a search for 6-year-old Brendan Sperry that spanned two days. The young boy who disappeared earlier this week was found dead in a river fork.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, the boy was with his family, including mother, siblings and a cousin, at Flat Rock River in Columbus when he vanished into deep water after wading in Thursday afternoon.

He disappeared into White Lake from a sandbar adjacent to Mill Race Park. The park has since re-opened to the public.

Local reports cited an uncle who said Sperry’s 14-year-old cousin attempted to rescue him but she ran out of breath and he slipped from her grasp. Officials say the boy was not wearing a safety vest at the time of the incident.

According to WTTV, Sperry’s body was found Saturday morning in the river’s east fork.

Officials working with the Bartholomew County Water Rescue Team made the discovery amid inhospitable weather conditions.

Reports indicate the search parameters stretched more than two miles along the White River. As rains pounded the area throughout the effort, the water not only shifted but it became muddy and more difficult to canvas.

Sperry’s family continued to hold out hope as the search party organized Thursday evening.

“Until there’s a resolution, there’s always hope,” said grandfather Jim Humphrey.

Even then, however, he remained realistic.

“But at this point, we aren’t expecting a whole lot,” he said. “The prayers help, but right now they’re not going to make a difference.”

[Featured image: Brendan Sperry/WIBC]