‘I’m almost home safe’: Stand-up comedian’s chilling Facebook post moments before she is sexually assaulted, murdered on way home from standup gig

A young, up-and-coming female comedian was raped and murdered on her way home from a standup gig in Australia.

The Age News reports that Eurydice Dixon, 22, was just blocks away from her apartment after performing stand-up at the Highland Bar in Melbourne when she was fatally attacked. Her body was reportedly found hours later in a football field.

Dixon posted a Facebook message just before she was attacked.

“I’m almost home safe. HBU?,” Dixon wrote.

The BBC reports that James Todd, 19, turned himself in to police. Has has since been charged with rape and murder. It is not known if Dixon knew her attacker or what the motive may have been for the killing.

Dixon’s tragic death prompted an outpouring of memorials on social media, and renewed calls to address a serious problem of domestic violence against women.

In addition to her work as comic, the young woman was also an advocate for women’s rights and social justice issues.

“She had a great passion for women’s issues and social justice issues and she drew upon them a lot in the material that she produced as a comic,” Nicky Barry, a fellow comedian, told the Australian Broadcasting Corp.

Victoria state police were met with backlash when they issued a safety warning after Dixon’s murder, urging women to “consider their personal safety and be aware of their surroundings.”

Daniel Andrews, Victoria’s premier, posted a Twitter thread addressing what many perceived as victim-blaming on the part of authorities, according to the Telegraph.

“Our message to Victorian women is this: Stay home. Or don’t. Go out with friends at night. Or don’t. Go about your day exactly as you intend, on your terms. Because women don’t need to change their behaviour. Men do,” he wrote.


[Feature image: Eurydice Dixon/7 News Australia video screenshot]