[EXCLUSIVE] Heartbroken dad still living in same house where only son, Lucas Hernandez, was last seen alive

It’s been almost a month since the remains of missing Wichita boy, Lucas Hernandez, were found, but his father says it’s difficult for him to find closure because people to continue to follow him and drive by his house.

“They drive by to see if I’m home,” Jonathan Hernandez explained to CrimeOnline. “They put on Facebook that I’m in my back yard or that I’m home or when I’m not there. It’s constant.”

Hernandez is referring to random strangers who reportedly attempt to check on his whereabouts and what he’s doing, which started after his son, 5-year-old Lucas, was reported missing on February 17. Hernandez’s live-girlfriend, Emily Glass, was supposed to be taking care of the little boy when he disappeared. She initially told authorities she took a nap and when she woke up, Lucas was gone.

On May 24, private investigator David Marshburn found Lucas’ remains after Glass led him to a secluded location in Harvey County, Kansaes. Although Hernandez has never been considered a suspect in the disappearance or death of his son, he claimed that numerous people in Wichita, where he lives, continue to keep tabs on him, “sleuth” him via Facebook groups, and insinuate he may have somehow been involved.

Hernandez said he pleaded with the public to allow him privacy to mourn, but the continuous harassment is too difficult to handle. He’s is the process of trying to find a new home in an attempt to avoid those who  drive by house and post unsubstantiated rumors online, and also because it’s becoming increasingly difficult to live in a home where he lost his son and then later, his former girlfriend.

“I’ve got to move out this home I shared with Emily.”

The home in question was the residence where Lucas was last seen at and later became the residence where  Glass, a person of interest in Lucas’ death, allegedly killed herself with a rifle. Although authorities have not officially ruled Glass’ death a suicide, Wichita officers announced that her death appears to be an “apparent suicide.” Hernandez said he no longer supported Glass after she led Marshburn to his son’s body.

Lucas Hernandez
Lucas Hernandez [Photo: Handout]
The grieving father, however, said he has no plans on leaving Wichita. He’s seeking a new line of work that would allow him to stay local. Hernandez’s current job keeps him out of state for weeks at a time. His absence has made it difficult to obtain parental rights to his youngest child, 1-year-old Mia, who was taken into state custody when Glass was arrested in late February for child endangerment.

“My job requires me to be out of town three weeks at a time. I want to be here for my daughter and do everything it takes to regain custody of her. That requires me to be available anytime for whatever the state needs or my daughter needs. I need to stay local now that I am her only parent and what I’ve got to do.”

Authorities still haven’t announced the Lucas’ official cause of death. Officials are currently waiting for the boy’s toxicology report results.

Meanwhile, a public memorial is scheduled for Lucas on June 30 at the Wichita State University Eugene M. Hughes Metropolitan Complex, located at 5015 E. 29th St. N, in Wichita. Flowers can be sent to the complex on June 29 and June 30. Hernandez reiterated that the media and public are allowed at Lucas’ memorial, but he doesn’t want anyone stopping by unannounced at his home.

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