Monday Crime Stories: 2 missing people & 2 silent suspects

The cases of Florida mom Joleen Cummings & little Owen Hidalgo-Cameron

A woman suspected in the disappearance of a Florida hair stylist sits in a Jacksonville jail, refusing to share any details — if she knows them — of what happened to Joleen Cummings. Kimberly Kessler, who allegedly traveled the United States using 18 different aliases, was the last known person to see the mother of three. Nancy Grace examines the latest evidence in the search for Cummings with Cold Case Research Institute director Sheryl McCollum, forensic psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Bober, and reporter Leigh Egan.

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The search for little Owen Hidalgo-Calerdon, missing since his mother was found dead and buried in a shallow grave in Upstate New York last month, has wound down in frustration. The mother’s ex-boyfriend, Everardo Donoteo-Reyes, has admitted to burying Selena Hidalgo-Calderon, but he has not admitted to killing her. He also has not told where little Owen might be or what happened to the boy. Crime Stories investigative reporter John Lemley joins Grace to update the case.

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[Feature Photo: Kimberly Kessler; Joleen Cummings/Nassau County Sheriff’s Office]