66-year-old woman targets son in drive-by shooting, claims she thought he took her phone: Cops

A Florida woman is accused of shooting at her own adult son in a drive-by attack outside of their home last week.

According to the New York Post, 66-year-old Priscilla Ann Ethridge and her 46-year-old son were engaged in a heated argument on Saturday before the man walked out of their Panama Beach home and ride off on his bicycle.

In an interview with Bay County Sheriff’s Office investigators, the suspect’s nephew reportedly described the events leading up to the shooting.

“I’ll be damned if I let him have the last word,” Ethridge allegedly said as she ran out of the door behind her son.

A short time later, she allegedly spotted her son on his bike on Front Beach Road and warned him that she was about to shoot before she squeezed the trigger.

The man was allegedly grabbing his mother’s car door from his position on the bicycle when the suspect fired to “scare” him and convince him to let go of her vehicle.

As part of their investigation, police reportedly recovered Ethridge’s firearm. It allegedly contained a spent shell casing in the chamber.

Police say her son was not hit by the bullet but that it came “very close” to striking him.

Reports indicate Ethridge she was arrested later the same day. She reportedly told detectives that she believed her son had taken her cell phone when he left the home.

The device in question was later recovered from the home.

[Featured image: Priscilla Ann Ethridge/Bay County Sheriff’s Office]