Cop finds bride’s $20,000 ring in sand at beach, lost at Bachelorette party

An bride-to-be in New York is thanking her lucky stars and a Long Island police officer who found her pricey engagement ring on a beach in Fire Island this weekend.

Fox News reports that the unidentified woman was celebrating her Bachelorette party with friends when she somehow lost her $20,000 engagement ring –– just one week before her wedding this coming weekend.

The woman reported the ring missing to Suffolk County police. After one officer tried and failed to find it, Suffolk County Marine Bureau Police Officer Edmund McDowell came to the beach with metal detector and discovered the ring after only 15 minutes of searching, according to Fox News.

When police called the woman report that the ring had been discovered, “she was crying and crying,” McDowell told the news station.

This isn’t the first time Officer McDowell has saved the day. Eight years ago, he found a $30,000 wedding band a man had lost on the beach playing volleyball.

It is not clear how the bride-to-be lost her engagement ring.