Teen rapes girl while his friends bang on the door ‘so they could have a turn’: Police

A South Carolina teen is behind bars after police say a 16-year-old accused him of raping her at a Myrtle Beach home.

News 13 NBC reports that Joshua Allen Hughes, 17, was arrested on June 12 and charged with several offenses after a 16-year-old teen accused him of rape. According to authorities, deputies responded to a call concerning a “sexual assault” on June 8, at a home at Murrells Inlet, two days after the incident occurred.

When officers arrived to the home, a teen female said that Hughes raped her on June 6 at a home in Myrtle Beach. She reportedly said that the suspect first began kissing while in his bedroom. When she told him to stop, he continued on, eventually raping her while his friends “began to bang and yell outside the door telling suspect #1 to let them in so they could have a turn,” according to the police report.

The victim said she managed to escape to the garage, but Hughes and his friends followed her, then “pointed firearms at her and began to taunt her about the incident until she was able to make contact with a friend and leave.”

Hughes was subsequently arrested and charged with pointing and presenting firearms at a person, possession of marijuana, and third degree sexual criminal sexual conduct. He’s since been released and is currently on home detention, awaiting his next hearing.

The victim said she met Hughes on Snapchat and on the night in question, he picked her up and drove her back to the residence. Two other boys were in the car with the pair and later, in the home when the reported rape occurred.

The story is still developing. Check back with CrimeOnline as additional details become available.

[Feature Photo: Joshua Hughes/Police Handout]