Deadbeat millennial squatter who got kicked out of his parent’s house is living in an Airbnb for free, says he’s expecting a $400 windfall from lawsuit

The 30-year-old man who finally left his parent’s house on a judge’s order earlier this month has found a cushy living situation and isn’t bothering to look for work because he’s expecting to win a high-ticket lawsuit.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Michael Rotondo moved out of his parents’ home outside of Syracuse, New York, on June 1 after his parents sued him to get out of there. He had been living at their home for eight years, and unemployed for much of the time. The parents had previously offered him money to help get settled somewhere else, but Rotondo refused.

In a video interview with the New York Post, Rotondo shared scenes of his daily life, living rent-free in an Airbnb in exchange for providing help in the yard.

Instead of looking for work, he’s reportedly spending his days working on a lawsuit against his former employer Best Buy. He claims he was fired from the company as the result of discrimination. He’s suing for $400,000 in damages.

“I was harassed with my parenting time with my child and that happened to me and not single female parents,” Rotondo said.

Rotondo has an eight-year-old son. As CrimeOnline previously reported, he lost joint custody of the child last year after allegedly refusing to pay child support. 

But the ponytailed millennial seems confident that this time, he will be successful in court– telling the New York Post that he’s certain he will win the lawsuit against Best Buy. It’s unclear if Rotondo has a lawyer, or how he will pay for one.