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Killer grandma ‘Losing Streak Lois’ may have been seeking to kill a third victim; former acquaintance saw her lurking on the edge of yard a week before lookalike murder

The grandmother accused of murdering her lookalike and stealing her identify while on the run from killing her husband may have been planning another killing.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Lois Riess, 56, was arrested in Texas after a multi-state manhunt that began after her husband David Riess 54, was found dead in Blooming Hills, Minnesota. She then fled to Fort Myers, Florida, where she allegedly befriended lookalike Pamela Hutchinson, 59, killed her, stole her ID, credit cards and car before fleeing the state.

Both David Riess and Pamela Hutchinson were shot to death.

Authorities have given the suspect the nickname “Losing Streak Lois,” due to her reported habit of frequenting casinos, where she is believed to have amassed significant gambling debts.

Investigative documents obtained by ABC 6 News in Rochester, Minnesota, indicate that Riess may have targeted another woman before she allegedly killed Hutchinson.

Therese Koster reportedly knew Riess from Minnesota, and spends a portion of the year in Fort Meyers. She told investigators that a week before Hutchinson’s murder, she saw Riess walking near the border of her property, appearing to be observing her cars. Koster said that she and Riess locked eyes, and that Koster recognized the suspect as someone she knew from Minnesota.

At that point, Riess allegedly averted her eyes and said “wrong house,” before walking away.

Later, Koster heard from her daughter that a woman going by the name “Stormy Liberty” had called to ask for her mother’s address in Fort Meyers. The daughter said it wasn’t unusual for friends from Minnesota to ask for her mother’s address or contact information.

Riess has pleaded not guilty to first degree murder charges in relation to Hutchinson’s death, and charges in Minnesota are still pending.