Bank teller outsmarts robber, convinces him to turn over ID before making withdrawal: Cops

Authorities in Ohio say a bank robber was foiled by his own greed and a willingness to comply with a teller’s request.

According to Fox News, 51-year-old David Mesner was arrested earlier this month after he entered a bank in Columbus and handed the teller a note demanding money.

The suspect’s note allegedly claimed he had a gun, as reported by WCMH.

After the Huntington Bank employee complied and handed him a stack of bills, he went on to demand money from the ATM inside the branch.

At that point, detectives credit the teller’s fast action in instructing the man that he would need to hand over his personal identification card to complete a withdrawal.

The suspect ended up with the cash but days later he was tracked down thanks to the information contained in the ID he let the bank employee see. It is unclear exactly how much money he took with him from the robbery.

Reports indicate Mesner was arrested on June 15. He is expected to face criminal charges including aggravated robbery and threatening with a deadly weapon.

Authorities have tied him to a number of other local robberies, including at least four area banks. Witnesses to two of those crimes told police they saw the suspect escape from the scene in a white vehicle.

Columbus Police Department detective Brad Thomas said he was not completely surprised by reports that a robbery suspect was ultimately outsmarted by his victim.

“This is rare but not unheard of,” he said. “I’ve seen it a couple of other times.”

[Featured image: David Menser, Franklin County Sheriff’s Office]