Driver’s road rage during family trip spat causes one death, multiple injuries: Cops

A Mississippi man is in jail and a woman is dead following a road rage incident this week that authorities say was sparked by a family dispute.

According to the Sun Herald, a multiple vehicle crash occurred Thursday morning shortly after 10 a.m. near Diamondhead in Hancock County.

Police say 56-year-old Fred Harris Johnson of Gulfport was traveling with his family, driving a separate car from other relatives making the same trip to Louisiana.

At some point during the trip, the suspect and others in the family allegedly engaged in a verbal altercation that led to Johnson swerving his Chevrolet Cavalier in front of a relative’s vehicle and slamming on the brakes.

Diamondhead Police Capt. John Luther said that decision caused an SUV to slam into a vehicle that was then struck by another sedan. According to WTOP, a motorcycle traveling behind the vehicles then crashed, causing the death of a passenger.

The male operating the motorcycle was airlifted from the scene to an area hospital.

Luther explained that the police report reflected culpable negligence on the part of Johnson in causing the crash that resulted in the victim’s death.

Police say he was arrested at the scene and transported to Hancock County Jail. He is expected to face criminal charges including manslaughter and mayhem.

As of Thursday night, he remained in jail, according to the New York Post.

It was unclear from available reports whether he had retained the services of an attorney.

[Featured image: Fred Harris Johnson, Hancock County Jail]