Man beats pit bull in public before dragging it down the sidewalk by an extension cord wrapped around its neck: Cops

A Chicago area man was arrested last week on suspicion of violently abusing a dog.

According to the Chicago Sun Times, 24-year-old Isaac Goodlow is expected to face criminal charges including felony animal cruelty after he was allegedly caught by Chicago Police on surveillance camera dragging a dog along a sidewalk.

A police report claims the dog had an extension cord tied around its neck and had been seriously abused.

The incident reportedly occurred early Saturday morning.

Police say they arrived at the scene at about 3:40 a.m. after receiving the report of an animal being abused at the location. Witnesses reported seeing a man whip, punch, choke and kick the pit bull.

When authorities arrived, they reported seeing Goodlow drag the dog down the sidewalk by the cord wrapped around its neck.

The man later reportedly told police that he “should have killed that dog” and attempted to dismiss the abuse as obedience training. He allegedly told officers that abusing the dog “tames him.”

Responding officers say they attempted to offer the injured dog water and it vomited.

The animal was taken from the scene to an area veterinary clinic for treatment of serious injuries.

A police report described the animal as “scared, shaking, injured, emaciated and dehydrated” when officers arrived.

Among its injuries were cuts and scrapes identified as the result of prior abuse.

Goodlow was arrested and transported to jail. At a hearing on Sunday, Cook County Judge John Fitzgerald Lyke Jr. set bail at $100,000.

The suspect is due in court again on Friday.

[Featured image: Isaac Goodlow, Chicago Police Department]