Newborn baby abandoned near dumpster with umbilical cord still attached

A newborn baby was found close to a Texas dumpster on Saturday, marking the second time in a month that an infant was abandoned, despite the Safe Haven law in place in the state.

CBS reports that deputies with the Dallas Police Department responded to a call from someone who noticed the baby by a dumpster located off of the 5900 block of Watership Lane at around 9:30 p.m. The baby was lying in a grassy area near the dumpster with the umbilical cord still attached.

“I can’t imagine what they’re thinking,” Patsy Summey with Baby Moses Dallas told CBS DFW. “If this baby still had the umbilical cord attached, that means most likely the baby was delivered without assistance and the amount of pain and terror that person has gone through is just unbelievable.”

At this time, police have no information on who the mother or father of the infant is. No witnesses have stepped forward with any information. The story is still developing.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, on June 15, another newborn baby was tossed in a dumpster. A 28-year-old employee of the Souper Salad restaurant off of the 900 block of Melbourne Road in Hurst reportedly gave birth to an infant son inside the restaurant’s bathroom. The woman, whose name is unknown this time, then wrapped the baby in a bag before dropping him into the dumpster.

Another employee of the store contacted police and said a co-worker had a miscarriage inside the bathroom or “had a baby.” The co-worker noticed the suspect walking out of the restaurant carrying what looked like blanket, headed for the dumpster. Police and firefighters responded to the scene and located the mother, who was sent to a local hospital for medical treatment after they determined she gave birth to the baby inside the restroom without medical help.

“I saw a lot of commotion in the parking lot around 9:30, around Souper Salad before they ever opened,” Houng Ta, an employee at a nearby establishment told the Star-Telegram. “There were some ambulances, fire trucks and police cars, but I never saw what happened.”

While searching the dumpster, authorities spotted a tiny baby boy inside a plastic garbage bag at the bottom of the dumpster. When they lifted him out, the baby cried. Police rushed the infant to the hospital, where he’s listed as healthy and in “good condition.”

The Safe Haven law in Texas, also referred to as the Baby Moses law, allows those unwilling or unable to care for a newborn an opportunity to the drop the baby off with “no questions asked,” according to the Texas Department of State Health Services. Infants 60 days and younger can be left with a trusted employer, an emergency medical center, an emergency medical services (EMS) station, or a fire station.

For additional information contact the Texas Baby Moses Hotline at 1-877-904-SAVE (1-877-904-7283).

[Feature Photo: Pixabay]