Joe Clyde Daniels: Father and prime suspect in autistic boy’s disappearance has ‘near genius’ IQ

The Tennessee man accused of killing his 5-year-old son and hiding his remains apparently has a “near genius” IQ, according to officials.

NewsChannel 5 reports that officials gave Joseph Daniels a standardized IQ test as part of the ongoing investigation into the disappearance of his little boy, Joe Clyde Daniel, who vanished April. Daniels previously told detectives that he beat his son to death with his fists, then hid the child’s body in a remote location. So far, investigators have not located Joe Clyde. Daniels told authorities several different locations to search but they didn’t find the boy in any of the provided areas.

Although experts did not put Daniels in the genius category, his IQ test results, according to NewsChannel5, reveal that he’s operating on an advanced and gifted level, after scoring in the 130-140 range on the exam.

Legal expert and attorney Jim Todd told the station that although IQ “doesn’t necessarily translate very well to criminal activity,” it possibly can in regards to this particular case, as Daniels seems to “playing games” with detectives by telling them various false locations on where to find his son.

“Certainly, a person with a high IQ can come up with better stories than someone with a low IQ… or can come up with stories that don’t have as many holes in them,” Todd explained.

Joseph 'Joe Clyde' Daniels
Joseph ‘Joe Clyde’ Daniels [Handout]
Daniels apparently graduated high school with honors and wrote a self-published book. While in school, he excelled in math and science, although he was considered by some to be a bit awkward socially. However, other sources, according to the station, said that Daniels could be possibly be “borderline autistic,” which could potentially make a difference in how he’s prosecuted. He’s currently scheduled to undergo testing for any mental disorders.

On the other hand, since Daniels has a high IQ, arguments that he’s unfit to stand trial for his son’s death will likely be more difficult.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, during an April 4 911 call, Daniels calmly told a dispatch operator that his son Joe Clyde Daniels was missing from their Dickson home. Initially, police had no reason to believe Daniels harmed the little boy but after two days of intense searching, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) announced that Daniels admitted that he killed his son.

WKRN obtained a copy of the 911 call, in which Daniels indicated that his son must have unlocked a door in the home and walked away. He claimed he went to the little boy’s room at 5:30 a.m. on April 4, when he noticed he wasn’t there. Daniels never asked for help while talking to the 911 dispatcher and the only information that he volunteered without being asked was that his boy was autistic and disappeared from their home off of Garners Creek Road.

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“He stays very calm and he answers questions with one word answers, and of course never tells them to help, he never tells him please get here, please help me, please help me find him…he never asked,” Atlanta’s Cold Case Research Institute Director Sheryl McCollum told CrimeOnline.

Krystal Nicole Daniels, the mother of 5-year-old Joe Clyde Daniels, allegedly admitted she was in the residence when the child’s father reportedly beat him to death. She’s accused of failing to report the crime and taking steps to conceal the little boy’s abuse and death, while Joseph Daniels is accused of killing the child. Neither parent has given information that would has led to Joe Clyde, who still remains missing.

Krystal Nicole Daniels is charged with felony “Aggravated Child Neglect or Endangerment” while Joseph Daniels is charged with homicide. Both suspects are behind bars on a $1 million bail each.

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[Feature Photo: Joe Clyde Daniels and Joseph Daniels/TBI]