AUTOPSY REPORTS IN: 5-year-old found in creek, Lucas Hernandez, system full of drugs; ‘Stepmother’ Emily Glass dead from suicide

Officials released the autopsy an toxicology results for 5-year-old Kansas boy Lucas Hernandez on Tuesday and the public is not any closer to understanding how the little boy died, even though a substance was found in his system.

According to Public Information Officer Kate Flavin Wichita’s Forensics Science Unit, the results couldn’t determine how little Lucas died, due to advanced decomposition. The manner and cause of death have been listed as “undetermined.” X-rays performed did not find any skeletal trauma.

Lucas’ skeletal remains were held together via his clothing. “Debris, twigs, small rocks, and mud/soil” were found on his body, giving him a total weight of 20 pounds. The only deep, soft tissue that remained on the body were in his lower extremities. According to the report, “the hyoid bone and laryngeal cartilages are not identified.”

A toxicology report didn’t find any drugs in the boy’s system aside from phenethylamine, which tested as positive in his liver.

According to UNODC Laboratory and Scientific Section Portals, phenethylamine “refers to a class of substances with documented psychoactive and stimulant effects and include amphetamine, methamphetamine and MDMA.” It’s also, however, a natural chemical found in the body. The results indicate that phenethylamine was “noncontributory” in the cause of death.

Lucas Hernandez Autopsy Results by Leigh Egan on Scribd

Sedgwick County DA Marc Bennett plans to review the autopsy and toxicology results and will make a formal announcement by next month.

Lucas’ was found on May 24, under a small bridge in Harvey County. The autopsy was performed on May 25, but results were not released until the toxicology results came back.

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