Annapolis newspaper shooter mutilated his own fingertips before brutal massacre to avoid being ID’ed: Cops

Disturbing new allegations emerged Thursday following a mass shooting at a Maryland newspaper that left at least five people dead and several others injured earlier in the day.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, a suspect was arrested and is in custody but police say he is not cooperating.

The unidentified suspect allegedly used a shotgun to carry out the massacre at the Capital Gazette newsroom in Annapolis.

Subsequent updates indicate the white male might have gone to extensive lengths before the crime to avoid being identified.

According to CBS News, police believe the man intentionally caused damage to his fingertips to avoid identification via fingerprints left at the crime scene or after his arrest

Sources say investigators are actively attempting to identify the suspect. In addition to fingerprints, authorities have a number of methods by which to gather information about the alleged gunman.

Among those resources is facial recognition technology police hope will spark a match with data in driver’s license or passport databases.

Investigators say they have not determined a motive.

The man, who is believed to be in his 20s, allegedly opened fire with a “long gun,” shooting through the glass door of the newspaper’s office building.

Authorities will be reviewing digital evidence, including any social media accounts he might have maintained, in an effort to determine his state of mind prior to the shooting, as reported by WBNS.

At least one source said the gunman appeared to be able to navigate the building quickly, suggesting he might have been there before. As of the latest reports available, there was no official indication he was familiar with the office.

[Featured image: AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana]