Disturbing history of threats and stalking emerge after Annapolis shooting suspect’s arrest

In addition to grisly details about the massacre that left five dead and others injured inside a Maryland newsroom on Thursday, new reports this week paint a troubling portrait of the 38-year-old suspected gunman.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, authorities believe Jarrod Ramos blocked a rear exit before firing shotgun through the front glass door “to kill as many people as he could.”

Following his arrest and identification, which was itself hindered by the fact that Ramos allegedly mutilated his fingerprints prior to the shooting, news quickly surfaced that the suspect had a years-long history of animosity and even legal action against the newspaper.

Though investigators were still attempting to determine a possible motive as of the latest reports available, the Huffington Post cited previous court records that reveal previous allegations of abusive and threatening behavior.

About seven years before it became the scene of the latest mass shooting to gain national attention across the U.S., the Capital Gazette published an editorial about the suspect.

“Jarrod wants to be your friend,” read the headline of an article that went on to describe “a yearlong nightmare” in the words of an anonymous woman.

The alleged victim said Ramos became increasingly unhinged after the two had an online conversation. She claimed he called her job repeatedly, told her to kill herself at one point.

“He would send me things and basically tell me, ‘You’re going to need a restraining order now,'” the woman said, threatening her with information he said he knew about her.

[Featured image: Jarrod W. Ramos/Anne Arundel Police via AP]