Jarrod Ramos blocked exits, positioned himself ‘to kill as many people as he could’: Cops

Grim new details about this week’s mass shooting at a Maryland newspaper office emerged Friday as investigators described the crime that left five dead and multiple others injured.

According to WTOP, police believe the gunman behaved in a manner meant to cause as many casualties as possible.

Anne Arundel County Police Chief Timothy Altomare said in a statement on Friday that the “fellow was there to kill as many people as he could kill.”

State’s Attorney Wes Adams provided additional allegations about the crime and 38-year-old suspect Jarrod W. Ramos.

At a bail hearing on Friday, he said the suspect blocked a rear entrance before he went to the front of the building and fired a shotgun through the glass door.

Adams argued that it was all a deliberate plan to leave no way for victims to escape.

In Altamore’s statement, he revealed that more than 300 law enforcement personnel responded to the scene Thursday afternoon at the Capital Gazette newsroom near Annapolis. The first police arrived within two minutes of the first reports.

Reports indicate responding officers did not fire any shots during the pursuit and apprehension of the suspect.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Ramos was initially identified using facial recognition technology.

Altamore said police “would have been much longer in identifying” the suspect without that investigative tool.

“It was a huge win for us last night and thus for the citizens of Anne Arundel County,” he added.

Authorities said he had altered his fingerprints in some way prior to the crime in an effort to avoid identification.

[Featured images: AP Photo/Brian Witte and Jarrod W. Ramos/Anne Arundel Police via AP]