Professor stalks student, sends more than 800 messages in ONE DAY during months of ‘extremely disturbing’ behavior: Cops

A Florida professor is facing charges related to stalking a student in a shocking display of behavior that included sending her hundreds of text messages in a single day.

According to the New York Post, 39-year-old Ali Borji met the alleged victim — a doctoral student at the University of Central Florida at the time — on campus last summer.

The woman subsequently told campus authorities that the assistant professor began messaging her via social media and offering to help her study, which led to a number of platonic dates.

She claimed that when she told him she did not want to pursue a physical relationship with him that he began exhibiting “extremely disturbing” behavior punctuated by excessive attempts to communicate with her.

Some of the messages he allegedly sent, at a rate of as high as 800 per day, pledged his love and even acknowledged that he was acting in a way others would perceive as inappropriate.

“You should be happy that somebody likes you this much to stalk you,” he wrote, an arrest report claimed.

Among the other disturbing alleged texts during the two semesters beginning last fall were references to his desire for a robotic version of the woman with which he “could do anything he wanted.”

Though the woman initially moved away from campus, she returned for the spring semester and told police this week that she saw Borji waiting in his car outside of her gym. He was arrested on Thursday.

The suspect has also submitted his resignation and has reportedly been banned from the campus.

UCF Police Department spokesperson Mark Sclueb said the campus has “zero tolerance for this type of behavior” and will always act swiftly “when anyone feels threatened.”

[Featured image: Ali Borji, Orange County Jail]