Accused rapist sues former college classmate for $6 million, claiming false allegations ruined his life

A man accused of raping a fellow Syracuse University student has filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against her as prosecutors claim her allegations cannot be substantiated.

The New York Post reports that Alex Goldman, 22, has sued Catherine Reddington, also 22, for $6 million after Reddington claims he raped her in a fraternity house on the university campus in April 2017.

“I woke up in Delta Kappa Epsilon Fraternity in Alex Goldman’s bed confused, bloody, bruised, with ripped clothing and splinter[s],” Reddington wrote in a Facebook post. “Alex Goldman is a rapist.”

The young woman also reported the alleged assault to police shortly after the incident.

Following the accusations, Goldman was reportedly expelled from the university and fired from his summer job. And according to a screenshot of an exchange with the company that Reddington posted to her Facebook page, Goldman was also let go from an internship this month.

Still, prosecutors say that there is a lack of evidence showing that Goldman did in fact rape Reddington — and no proof the two had a sexual encounter at all.

Court papers obtained by the New York Post reportedly show that an investigation — which included a rape kit, blood tests, and a medical examination — did not find any evidence that Reddington was assaulted.

In a letter attached to Goldman’s lawsuit against Reddington, an assistant district attorney reportedly wrote that it was “impossible to determine what, if anything, occurred that evening between Ms. Reddington and Mr. Goldman. There is no credible proof of any sexual conduct in this case, consensual or non-consensual.”

The lawsuit claims that Reddington’s social media posts about Goldman and the alleged assault are an attempt to “publicly tarnish his reputation and wreak havoc on his personal life and that of his family.”

Reddington has posted about the alleged rape within the last month, and reiterated her claims that Goldman “violently” raped and sodomoized her.

The woman declined the New York Post‘s request for an interview, saying it was a court matter.


[Feature image: Catherine Reddington; Alex Goldman/Facebook]