Wednesday Crime Stories: Mom fears worst for missing soldier

PLUS: HEAR a special 4th of July song

U.S. Army investigators considerTrevor Nichols to be AWOL, but his mother suspects the young soldier and father of a 2-year-old son was kidnapped and perhaps murdered. Nichols disappeared in November 2017 when he was supposed to board a train at Fort Drum, New York, for a two-week leave.

Erin Nichols shares her concerns and frustrations about her son’s disappearance with Nancy Grace. Cold Case Research Institute director Sheryl McCollum, lawyer and psychologist Dr. Brian Russell — host of Investigation Discovery’s “Fatal Vows” series, and reporter Leigh Egan join the discussion.

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Nancy shares patriotic thoughts on this 4th of July with singer-songwriter Barry Michael. You’ll hear his new song “I Stand,” a ballad about why he stands for the national anthem.

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[Feature Photo: Trevor Nichols/Family Handout]