Boyfriend of mom whose toddler died under suspicious circumstances jailed after daughter found battered, hair torn from scalp: Report

A Missouri man who prosecutors say is a suspect in the death of a 2-year-old child is in jail after his 8-year-old daughter showed signs of severe abuse.

KY3 reports that Kenneth R. Davis, 32, was arrested in Springfield, Missouri, and charged with multiple counts of abuse after his daughter and additional witnesses said he had hit, choked, and pulled the little girl’s hair out.

According to court documents obtained by the Kansas City Star, sheriff’s deputies responded to a Greene County home after a concerned relative called to report abuse. The deputies found an 8-year-old girl with “visible bruising on her face, around her eyes, swollen and bloody lips, severe bruising on her buttocks, clumps of hair missing from her head and bruising on her neck,” according to the court records.

The little girl reportedly told deputies that Davis had hit her with a phone charger and a belt, choked her, and pulled her hair out. Additional witnesses reportedly said they observed abuse.

When police questioned him, Davis reportedly gave numerous explanations for the girl’s injuries, claiming that she fell multiple times, ran into a tree branch, and hit her mouth on the car console when he suddenly braked while driving.

Davis was jailed on $1oo,ooo bond.

Prosecutors reportedly said in the bond recommendation that Davis is a suspect in the death of 2-year-old Kinzlea Kilgore, who died in May under suspicious circumstances. Davis was reportedly dating the girl’s mother at the time of her death.

No arrests have been made in connection to Kinzlea’s death, but the Buffalo Police Department is reportedly investigating it as a homicide.


[Feature image: Kenneth Davis/Green County Sheriff’s Office]