Ex-fiance of mysteriously murdered woman photographed in T-shirt with bizarre messasge

A man who was questioned after his former bride-to-be was shot dead in her driveway appeared in an bizarre Instagram post that was interpreted by some to be disrespectful, at best.

Rachael DelTondo was murdered in the driveway of her family home on Mother’s Day after returning from an outing for ice cream with friends. Her murder remains unsolved and police have not yet named a suspect though they have questioned several people who knew the young teacher.

One of those questioned was DelTondo’s former fiance Frank Catroppa. He reportedly told police he was at his apartment the night DelTondo was killed, having arrived home earlier in the evening and not leaving again until the morning. Early reports had suggested a potential problem was Catroppa’s alibi, as investigators examined data from the building’s key fob that could not corroborate Catroppa’s claims about when he got home.

But John Paul, a reporter for the Beaver Countain with detailed knowledge of the investigation, told CrimeOnline last month that those reports were misleading, as the key pass in question is for entry to the apartment complex and used by all the residents. Paul said that Catroppa’s apartment uses a hard key and there would be no digital record of his entry. The reporter also said that Catroppa’s car was seen on surveillance footage in a parking spot during the time Catroppa said he was home, and that detectives were satisfied with the alibi.

Action News 4 reports that Catroppa’s girlfriend Megan Barbuto posted a photo and caption on Instragram that raised some eyebrows, and appears to have been since deleted. The photo shows Megan with a man who appears to be Frank, who is wearing a shirt with the slogan “Fake alibi” in the back. Barbuto also captioned the post “Fake alibi.”

A lawyer for Sheldon Jeter, a man who was also questioned in DelTondo’s death and who investigators seem to be most interested in, gave Action News 4 a statement about the Instagram post:

“The sight of that shirt obviously surprised my client, as it would most people with knowledge of this case. And while I am sure the fact that he was wearing it was coincidental, it showed a drastic lack of respect to his fiance, who was murdered, taken in the context that he himself was questioned and remains a questionable figure to many people.”

Beauver County District Attorney David Lozier told the news outlet that he didn’t see anything significant about the Instagram post and said the Catroppa is not and has never been a suspect in DelTondo’s murder.