Naked man breaks into 80-year-old woman’s home, attacks and threatens to rape her before shooting her in the face: Cops

Authorities in Nevada say an octogenarian was burglarized and shot in the face by a naked man who also attempted to sexually assault her earlier this week.

According to Fox News, police believe 53-year-old Herbert Scott Rogers etnered the residence on Sunday and attacked the 80-year-old woman identified only as Shevaun.

She said the incident occurred at about 8 a.m. at her home. According to reports, she recalled hearing the sound of rattling dishes and soon spotted a man inside her home wearing only a hat.

A violent attack ensued as the screwdriver-wielding intruder allegedly threatened to rape her. Police say he then forced her to watch helplessly as he ransacked her home.

Before leaving, he repeatedly slapped and threatened her, adding that he would kill her if she moved from the couch, she claims.

“I got up and headed toward the front door and then he tackled me and said ‘Get back on the couch,'” Shevaun said.

She then thought to retrieve an antique handgun that had been hidden under the couch. As she reached for it, though, she said her attacker became enraged and ripped the gun from her hands.

“He told me, “I’m going to have to kill you,'” she said, adding that she attempted to talk him out of it.

“I just kept thinking I don’t want to die this way,” she said. “I can’t die this way.”

On his way out of her home, she said he turned and shot her in her forehead. Fortunately, she avoided a fatal injury when the bullet failed to penetrate her skull and travel into her brain.

She credited her luck to her belief that she “jerked her head away” just as the suspect fired the shot.

Shevaun remained at a local hospital for several days before she was released into the custody of a friend and caretaker who posted an update on social media.

Derek Stonebarger said Shevaun has requested anyone interested in donating to her recovery instead consider making a contribution in her name to an animal shelter.

[Featured images: Herbert Rogers, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department/Shevaun, Facebook]