Possible lawsuit against Heather Locklear after she allegedly assaults EMT worker

Heather Locklear could possibly face a lawsuit after a California EMT worker claims the actress physically and verbally assaulted her last month.

TMZ reports that 56-year-old Locklear is accused of attacking an EMT worker called to her residence after a domestic dispute incident on June 24, in Ventura County. The worker has been reportedly placed on desk administrative duty after the incident due to injuries to her neck and head.

“The responding deputy believed it was necessary to separate her from the others,” a police department spokesperson told Fox News. “In the process of trying to separate her, she battered the deputy…There was no injury to the deputy. That action caused her to get arrested.”

Afterward, her “behavior and level of intoxication” resulted in the EMT employee arriving when authorities called in an ambulance for backup. As the EMT worker attempted put Locklear on a gurney to transport her to a local hospital for a medical evaluation, she allegedly kicked her and verbally belittled her.

According to TMZ, the worker obtained the services of personal injury lawyer Kevin Flahavan. The lawyer hasn’t commented on the case, aside to say he’s concerned about the EMT worker’s well-being.

The stories is still developing. Check back with CrimeOnline for additional updates.

[Feature Photo: Heather Locklear/Police Handout]