‘I think I killed my mom’: Man backs over his mother in her own car as he steals it and drives away, cops say

A Pennsylvania man is facing multiple criminal charges after police say he backed over his mother in her own car as he stole it and drove away.

According to Fox News, 23-year-old John Spencer is accused of taking the 2008 Chevrolet Impala from his mother’s home in the Pittsburgh area on Monday evening.

A neighbor tried to stop Spencer as he drove away, but was unsuccessful, as reported by the Pittsburgh Tribune Review.

The Tarentum man reportedly crashed the vehicle a short time later before asking some acquaintances who happened to be passing by if they would give him a ride to a local bar.

He apparently believed he had seriously injured or killed his mother in the incident, according to police reports.

“I think I killed my mom,” he reportedly said multiple times as he rode with the passersby.

According to investigators, he said he hoped his mother “isn’t dead” because he feared he would “be going to jail for a long time.”

The woman survived and was transported to an area hospital for treatment, according to police.

After his arrest, Spencer was also treated at a hospital for injuries associated with the crash. He was later released into police custody and was transported to Allegheny County Jail.

“Can you believe I walked away from that crash?” he reportedly asked police when they found him walking along the road.

After his arraignment, he was ordered to be held behind bars in lieu of bond set at $50,000.

The suspect is expected to face charges including two counts of felony aggravated assault by vehicle.

[Featured image: John Spencer, Allegheny County Jail]