Mom and girlfriend reward boy with weed, take it away when he misbehaves: Cops

Authorities in Indiana say a mother and her girlfriend used marijuana to reward or punish a boy in their custody.

According to Fox News, 36-year-old Milissa Burton and her partner, 36-year-old Susan Glascock, admitted to giving the child marijuana as a reward for good behavior.

The minor reportedly told police that he had received the drug from the suspects at least 50 times in the past three months.

Describing its use in the household, he said the women would give him marijuana for doing “something good” but would “ground him” from the drug for misbehavior.

Police first became involved with the family late last month when they responded to a disturbance at their home in Greenfield.

At the time, officers reported that Glascock and Barton were engaged in a dispute over the amount of money the latter received while selling video games with her son.

Glascock allegedly pushed the boy to the ground and pinned him when he attempted to intervene on Barton’s behalf to break up the fight. The boy reportedly ran away from the home at that point, punching Glascock on his way out.

The boy’s grandfather subsequently spoke to investigators, according to reports. He said his grandson had been “in a terrible living condition” with the suspects and said he “needed to be removed.”

Both Burton and Glascock were arrested and have since been released after posting $1,000 bond. According to WHNT, they are expected to face charges of child neglect.

Reports indicate Glascock faces an additional charge of battery stemming from the initial police call.

[Featured image: Melissa Burton and Susan Glascock, Hancock County Sheriff’s Department]