[Video] Armed waitress steps in to protect co-worker after irate customer punches her in the face

Officials say a Wisconsin man wanted for attacking a Milwaukee restaurant employee last month probably wasn’t expecting one of his alleged victim’s co-workers to be packing a handgun.

According to Fox News, the unidentified waitress jumped in to help when she saw the man walk behind the counter at the George Webb restaurant and punch her colleague.

Police say the suspect is believed to be an area drug dealer. While he had not been arrested as of the latest reports available, authorities indicate they have identified him and are in the process of locating him.

Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan credited the quick thinking of the George Webb restaurant for coming to her co-worker’s defense.

“I thank God the other waitress had a concealed carry weapon, has a permit,” he said, adding that he would “shudder to think” what might have happened “Had she not been there and had not shot this weapon.”

Investigators say the suspect is believed to be a regular customer at the restaurant. Prior to the violent outburst, witnesses report he had been acting belligerent toward his server and speaking to her in vulgarities.

After profanely voicing his displeasure with the speed of his service, he allegedly punched the server in the face.

Donovan described the attack as a “sickening” display of violence.

“For a man to do that to some innocent woman, it’s just beyond me,” he said.

As video evidence indicates, the armed co-worker reacted in just seconds.

She removed the firearm from her waste and held it pointed at the suspect. He can be seen slowly backing away before walking out of the frame and leaving the scene.

Reports indicate management at George Webb allows staff members to carry concealed weapons as long as they are properly licensed to do so.

Anyone with information about the crime or the suspect is encouraged to contact Milwaukee police by calling 414-935-7360.

[Featured image: City of Milwaukee]