Crime Stories Evil Genius: Elliot Roger couldn’t get a date, so he goes on deadly shooting rampage in revenge

Elliot Roger grew up with privilege in Los Angeles, going with his director dad to movie premieres and meeting the rich and famous. But Roger never had a girlfriend as a teen or a college student. He thought if only he could win the California lottery he would be rich enough to lure a woman to love him. When that didn’t happen, he bought two guns and spent years planning his revenge on the sorority girls who shunned him and the guys they chose over him. Roger killed six people and wounded 14 others before taking his own life in the community surrounded the University of California at Santa Barbara.

This Crime Stories’ episode — the second in our “evil genius” series — looks at the diary Roger left behind along with shocking videos he posted online detailing his plot. Nancy Grace’s experts include Southern California prosecutor Wendy Patrick, Los Angeles defense lawyer Troy Slaten, private investigator Vincent Hill, Los Angeles forensic psychiatrist Dr. Carole Lieberman — known as the Terrorist Therapist and author of “Lions and Tigers and Terrorists, Oh My!”, and Crime Stories co-host Alan Duke.

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This week’s “evil genius” series continues Tuesday with the case of UNABOMBER Ted Kaczynski, the California college student who plotted for years to kill in revenge for his sexual rejection. Also this week, Nancy will explore the cases of serial killers Ted Bundy, David Berkowitz, and Rodney Alcala.

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[Feature Photo: Elliott Rodgers/YouTube Screenshot]