After 32 years, suspects walks into courthouse and confesses to unsolved murder

A Washington man confessed to a 32-year-old unsolved murder, claiming that he wanted to “right the wrong.”

Fox News reports that Glenn Adams, 58, walked into Cowlitz County Hall of Justice in Kelso, Washington, on Friday and confessed to killing Russell Haines in a hotel room in Longview in 1986.

Adams, who has lived itinerantly and is currently homeless, reportedly admitted to strangling Haines to death at the Oregon Way Hotel; the crime reportedly motivated by rumors that Haines often kept large sums of cash.

The suspect reportedly waited in the hotel room for Haines to return from a trip to the grocery store, then choked him as he entered the room, rendering him unconscious.

Adams told police he then strangled the victim, and fled the room with $600 in cash.

“Thirty years in the making, it got solved relatively easily,” Longview Police Department Sgt. Chris Blanchard spokesperson told KATU News.

“We didn’t have any suspects that had sufficient evidence to charge at that point. The case was cold for the last 30 years.”

According to the Fox News report, this isn’t the first time Adams has made an attempt to confess – but the last time, he got cold feet.

Fox News reports that in July 2017, Adams went to a police station in Santa Barbara planning to confess and turn himself in, but left the police station before he was interviewed. And when he was in jail two months later on an unrelated charge, police questioned him about the murder and he reportedly provided details about the crime – but stopped short of a full confession.

On Monday, Adams appeared in court and reportedly said he plans to plead guilty.

“He just wants to right the wrong that he has done,” Blanchard told Fox News.

Adams is due to appear in court again on Thursday.


[Feature image: Glenn Adams/Longview Police]