[UPDATE] Teen couple hires hitman to fatally shoot male suspect’s father for insurance money, cops say

A Texas murder-for-hire case added another suspect recently more than a month after 19-year-old Nicolas Shaughnessy and his wife Jaclyn Edison were arrested on suspicion of solicitation to commit capital murder.

According to People, Johnny Roman Leon III was arrested in Austin this week on suspicion of one count of soliciting to commit capital murder.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Shaughnessy and Edison were arrested in late March after the former’s father, 55-year-old Theodore Shaughnessy, was killed in an apparent home invasion.

The victim was found dead of gunshot wounds inside his home after his wife, Corey, called authorities to report a break-in. Police initially suspected the couple wanted to cash in on the victim’s life insurance policy.

Following Leon’s arrest, investigators say they are confident that their search for a shooter in the case has yielded results, though the probe remains ongoing.

“We do think this is the shooter,” confirmed Travis County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Kristen Dark. “There is the possibility that there is a second shooter.”

That possibility appears to be related to surveillance video footage that indicates two individuals walked up to the victim’s home in the hours prior to the shooting. The other person is reportedly called a “source” in court documents that claim he named Leon as the other man.

“The source said he was offered $2,500 to do it, another $2,500 after it was done and then another $5,000 later on,” according to an affidavit. “Nick (Shaughnessy) and Johnny (Leon) told the source the house was secluded and no one would hear the shots.”

Following Leon’s arrest, he was booked into jail with bond set at $3 million.

Edison has reportedly posted bail and Shaughnessy remains in jail. Both have pleaded not guilty to the charges against them.

[Featured image: Nicolas Shaughnessy/Travis County Jail; Theodore Shaughnessy/Facebook]