Grateful mom credits waitress for saving son’s life during Waffle House shooting, presents her with wedding gown as repayment

One of the waitresses working at a Tennessee Waffle House in April when a gunman opened fire and left four people dead has received a touching gift of gratitude from a woman whose life she indirectly — but immeasurably — touched that fateful day.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, 29-year-old Travis Reinking, who had exhibited a history of mental illness, was arrested on suspicion of carrying out the deadly mass shooting.

Many patrons and employees were able to survive the carnage, however, and many credited the heroism of others for their survival.

One such individual is Michael Garth Sr., who was dining with his friend at the restaurant.

Waitress Virginia Stanley asked if they would mind moving to a table after they initially sat near where she was washing dishes. Her concern about accidentally splashing them with water inadvertently put the pair in a position further away from the gunman.

Vickie Davis, Garth’s mother, credits the waitress with potentially saving her son’s life.

According to Fox News, she decided to repay Stanley by providing her wedding dress ahead of her big day. A Nashville retailer agreed to donate the gown.

Garth posted an image of the bride-to-be on Facebook this week.

“So many things happened that lead [sic] to my life being spared at the Waffle House that night,” he wrote, including the fact that the waitress asked his party not to sit at the bar.

“My mother Vickie Davis tracked her down, found out she was getting married and got her this wedding dress,” Garth wrote.

[Featured image: Facebook]