SHOCKING VIDEO: Dad executed at point blank just seconds after he calmly hands off little girl in his arms

A lawyer in Brazil was reportedly executed a point-blank just seconds after he handed off a little girl believed to be his daughter.

The Daily Mail obtained CCTV footage of the moments leading up to a cold-blooded execution in Brazilian state of Permambuco, where a man can be seen calmly handing off a little girl in his arms after he is approached by a man pointing a gun.

The Sun has identified that man as 46-year-old André Ribeiro, reportedly an attorney. According to the report, Ribeiro’s killer was waiting for him as he pulled up to an address in a minivan with a woman and a little girl. As seen in the video, just after he takes the girl from her carseat he sees a man approach him, aiming a gun at him — while the little girl is in his arms.

With astonishing calm, Ribeiro then hands the girl to the woman, seeming resigned to his tragic fate.

According to the Sun, the assassin shot Ribeiro five times at close range, killing him, before fleeing the scene. A motive for the killing is not yet known, and the suspect has not been identified.