‘I covered him up as best I could’: Interview released of mother who told police she couldn’t remember where she left her baby

A recorded phone conversation between a supposed friend and the North Dakota mother who left her infant son in rural North Dakota woods was released on Monday, which offers more details into what may have happened to a 4-month-old baby and how he ended up dead.

Valley News Live reports that the phone conversation took place while 26-year-old Justice Lange was in the hospital recovering from injuries in early July after she disappeared into the woods.  As CrimeOnline previously reported, Lange told police on July 6 that she last saw her infant son, Tyr, near a slough, but she couldn’t remember much about the past four days while stuck in the woods.

According to Stutsman County Sheriff Chad Kaiser, a local farmer spotted Lange walking along the road in the rural area of  Woodworth, North Dakota, on July 6. The farmer reportedly dropped Lange off at her grandmother’s house, and the grandmother then called 911.

Justice Lange [Police Handout]
Lange told the friend over the phone that she remembered stopping at a bar in Jamestown with her baby in an attempt to get help after her vehicle began having issues. She said after someone assisted her, she sent out a Facebook message that she was on her way back home, but the next thing she remembered was lying in a field with her infant son, who was crying.

“So I took a little bit of water, I had a headband, a pink head band. I would get that wet and I would dab it on his lips and I was sitting in the water with him and he wouldn’t come back to,” Lange said to the friend while crying.

Lange said she spent hours lying in a field with her baby after attempting CPR, but Tyr wasn’t moving. At that point, Lange decided to cover the infant up with branches and walk away.

“And then for some reason, I just got up and I said my good-byes to him. And I covered him up as best as I could and I went and just started walking,”

When questioned why she didn’t simply call 911 for help, Lange explained she did not have her phone on her, but she didn’t explain how she managed to send a Facebook message out earlier that day or if she had lost her phone somewhere along the way.

Further, Lange reportedly said that she had taken “what she thought was meth” the day before she ended up in the woods.

On July 7, Kaiser announced that people walking in the rural area of Stutsman County found the baby by reed plants at around 2:30 p.m., according to FOX West Dakota. It’s still unclear how the baby died or if foul play was involved.

Lange remains at the Stutsman County Correctional Center on a $250,000 bond. She’s charged with child neglect and manslaughter. If convicted, she faces up to 15 years in prison.

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[Feature Photo: Tyr Lange/Handout, Facebook]