Police found remains every day at suspected serial killer burial site

Toronto police have completed an excavation of a property connected to suspected serial killer Bruce McCarthur, a landscaper suspected of targeting victims in Toronto’s Gay Village, then disposing of their body parts on the properties of his clients.

Investigators launched a search of a Mallory Cres. property on July 5, after the remains of seven men were found buried in planters at other properties associated with McArthur.

Homicide detective told the Toronto Star that investigators found remains on the property virtually every day they searched the property, with the first remains found just hours after investigator launched the search.

“We essentially recovered different parts every day that we were digging there,”Det.-Sgt. Hank Idsinga told the newspaper on Monday.

Idsinga noted that some of the remains found were as small as a bone fragment or a tooth.

Detectives used cadaver dogs to alert them to areas on the property that might contain remains, and excavated the locations the dogs alerted them to.

Police told the newspaper that it could take weeks or months to identify the remains, and it is yet unclear if the remains are from previously identified victims or still-unknown victims.

McArthur was arrested in late January and charged with double murder. He is now facing eight murder charges, and the further charges are likely.