Burglar breaks into the wrong home: MMA fighter puts him ‘triangle choke’ until police arrive [Video]

MMA fighter Sergio Hernandez Jr. and his father caught a burglar in his tracks when they arrived to their San Diego home on Monday morning.

ABC reports Hernandez Jr. and his father, Sergio Hernandez Sr., arrived at their residence off of 40th Street in Carson Heights when they noticed the elder Hernandez’s bedroom window was open. The younger Hernandez spotted a man running away from the scene and gave chase.

Hernandez Jr. caught up with the perpetrator and confronted him, then brought him to back to his father, who said rooms in the home were ransacked. When the suspect realized the police were on the way, he tried to get away. The MMA fighter put him in a “triangle hold,” which didn’t knock the suspect out, but subdued him until police arrived.

“You see this triangle shape here and you have his head and his arm in there and basically, all I have to do is cut off blood circulation in head and he’ll pass out,” Hernandez Jr.explained.

Hernandez Jr., apparently upset over the incident, told ABC he wanted to hurt the suspect for allegedly breaking into the home, but in the end he let the police handle it.

“Deep down in my heart, I guess I wanted to break the dude’s arm, but I don’t get a kick out of hurting people.”

Retired school counselor and boxing coach Hernandez Sr., on the other hand, seemed to take pity on the suspect, and offered to teach him how to box.

“I would like to invite him to a boxing gym. He’s young, there is still time to save him, to guide him in the right direction.”

According to the San Diego Police Department, the suspect was identified as Fernando Plascenia, 21. He’s been charged with suspicion of burglary.

[Feature Photo: Sergio Hernandez Jr./Instagram]