Dad of baby boy left dead in woods says mom is a ‘meth addict who took off with the kid’: Police

New details emerged via court transcripts in the case of a North Dakota woman who left her 8-month-old deceased baby in the woods.

Valley High News reports that according court transcripts (from a July 11 hearing at the Stutsman County Courthouse), Jase Wilde, the father of 8-month-old Tyr Lange contacted authorities on July 2 and informed them his son was with his girlfriend, Justice Lange. He told police that Lange drove away in a truck that wasn’t hers and she was a “meth addict and that she took off with the kid and felt she was off using drugs or in hiding.”

Court documents also stated that four days later, on July 6,  a farmer driving near Woodworth spotted Lange walking barefoot along a rural, gravel road on July 6, wearing nothing but “a tank top and bra.” The man recognized Lange because he knew her family members. He picked her up and gave her a ride to her grandparents’ house. Lange told the driver that she’d been living in a slough for the past several days but she didn’t mention her baby.

Posted by Justice Lange on Tuesday, March 20, 2018


Lange’s grandparents called 911 when she told them she couldn’t remember where Tyr was.

“She was covered in ticks, sunburnt, and was… didn’t have the baby with,” Detective Falk of the Stutsman County Sheriff’s Office said. “And when they asked her where the baby was, she told them in the water.”

“She told us that she remembers being in the Woodworth area and having vehicle trouble and that she was at a bar and got some help from a lady at the bar, but doesn’t remember anything else after that up until waking up out in a field missing her pants, underwear, shoes and everything. And her baby being out in the field.”

As authorities searched for the baby, they followed of trail of items tossed aside, including a diaper, bib, baby bottle, formula, water, and food. According to Falk, authorities discovered a field where it appeared “someone spent a lot of time.” In nearby bushes, they found the lifeless body of the baby. Searchers found other items around the area, including, shoes, underwear, and pants.

Justice Lange [Police Handout]
Lange reportedly admitted to investigators that Tyr was dead when she left him. She said she tried CPR and splashed water on his face to revive him, yet nothing seemed to work. She said the baby died in her arms.

After spending time in a hospital for injuries, police arrested Lange and booked her into the Stutsman County Correctional Center on a $250,000 bond. She’s charged with child neglect and manslaughter. If convicted, she faces up to 15 years in prison.

It’s still unclear whether Lange was on meth or any other drugs when the incident occurred, but she reportedly told a friend in a recorded phone conversation that she took what she “thought was meth” the day before she disappeared.

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