WATCH: ‘Teen Mom 2’ star Jenelle Evans pulls gun on driver during road rage incident with young son in car

“Teen Mom 2” star, Jenelle Evans, is the centerpiece of a viral video in which she apparently engaged in a road rage incident while MTV filmed the ordeal.

TMZ report that Evans reportedly pulled a gun out at another driver while her 8-year-old son, Jace, sat in the passenger seat of the car his mother drove.

“Are you f—— kidding me, dude? Oh my God. Give me your phone,” Evans said to her son while driving.

According to MTV, Evans called 911 after an unknown male driver in a white truck allegedly cut her off on a highway and slammed on his brakes, causing her to almost veer off the road. Evans reportedly followed the vehicle as it exited off the highway, while talking to a 911 operator. She then followed the driver as he pulled into a driveway and stopped his vehicle.

MTV blacked out the screen after Evans unbuckled her seatbelt and pulled a small gun on the driver, after the driver reportedly hit her car and blocked her from leaving the driveway.

“I got three cameras in my car, they got the whole thing,” Evans screamed at the driver. “I just called the law on you, you were tailgating me, you dumba**.”

Police eventually arrived and no arrests were made in the incident. Watch the video below.

[Feature Photo: Jenelle Evans/Video Screenshot, MTV]