Woman locks herself and son in hot car FOR AN HOUR until she passes out: Cops

A Texas mother is facing criminal charges after authorities say she locked herself and her 10-year-old son inside her car on a hot day until she passed out.

According to KXAN, 34-year-old Adriane Grace Moss was arrested on Saturday afternoon after authorities in Lakeway responded to a call for a welfare check.

Reports indicate the boy can be heard on a 911 call asking his mother to lower the windows in the vehicle and she can be heard telling him no.

When officers arrived at the scene, they reportedly found both individuals with “sweaty and matted hair” after prolonged exposure to the effects of a 104 degree day on the inside of the truck.

The Austin Statesman reported that a police estimate puts the temperature inside the vehicle at as high as 123 degrees.

According to police, the boy claimed he woke up inside of the vehicle after it was parked and estimated he had been in the truck for about an hour.

Moss reportedly exited the vehicle to speak to officers, who noted that she emitted the odor of alcohol and stumbled as she walked.

The suspect allegedly continued to act erratically before she was arrested. Police reported that she ignored their commands and efforts to question her and attempted to approach her son.

At one point, she reportedly said “get out of my life” to the boy.

She was arrested and booked into Travis County Jail before she was released on bond. Bail was set at $15,000 in the case.

[Featured image: Adriane Moss, Austin Police Department]