‘Oh, boo hoo!’ Nancy Grace reacts to reports that disgraced doc Larry Nassar was assaulted behind bars

After news spread this week of a prison assault that left disgraced Olympic gymnastic team doctor Larry Nassar injured, legal analyst Nancy Grace offered little sympathy for the convicted sex offender.

“Oh, boo-hoo,” the former prosecutor said in an interview with TMZ. “Nassar is having to be bullied and attacked by people bigger than him? Oh, I wonder how that feels. Maybe he should ask some of his victims.”

Grace went on to ask the cameraman if he was trying to make her “feel sorry for Larry Nassar” before explaining that she was “not happy to see him assaulted in jail.”

As for the harsh treatment his lawyer recently claimed he received behind bars, Grace said the former coach is likely to receive a similar reception even if he is granted relocation to another prison.

“He may face the same thing there,” she said. “And that’s something that maybe you should think about before you molest young girls.”

The “Crime Stories” host did acknowledge that she believes corrections agencies should work to reduce violence among inmates.

“I don’t want to see him or anyone else, regardless of what they do, assaulted behind bars,” she said. “That’s not what our justice system is for.”

She went on to say that prison should be geared toward protecting citizens instead of inflicting pain on offenders.

“I absolutely believe we should do more to stop assaults behind bars,” Grace said. “Prison is not supposed to be hell. Prison is supposed to keep you away from innocent victims. That’s what it’s for, not to torture the defendants who are sentenced to jail.”

Nevertheless, she said Nassar’s attorneys are on a futile mission arguing that the judge in the case was too harsh in sentencing.

“The sentencing is decided by the criminal code, not the judge,” she said. “The sentence was not unfair.”

She then said that “lashing out at the judge is not going to get them anywhere” and that Nassar is “not going to get preferential treatment.”

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Nassar was sentenced to as much as 125 years in prison for sexually assaulting multiple patients and possessing child pornography.

[Featured image: Larry Nassar, Associated Press]