30-year-old doctor found in young teen’s bed with no pants at home of an old friend: Cops

Authorities in Florida say an area doctor was found in bed with an underage teen boy at the child’s home recently. Both individuals were reportedly naked from the waist down.

According to the New York Post, someone at the DeBary residence reported the incident after discovering 30-year old Alexander Ralys and the unidentified 15-year-old boy.

While the complainant escorted the alleged victim out of the home, Ralys, who was in his first year of a residency program at Orange Park Medical Center at the time of his arrest near the scene. He has since been fired from that position.

Reports indicate Volusia County sheriff’s deputies responded to the location early Thursday morning and arrested Ralys at about 1:30 a.m.

He was transported to the Volusia County Branch Jail and was initially booked into custody without bond. He later appeared in court where his bail was set at $15,000 and according to county records as of Monday, he was no longer in jail.

Police say the suspect had been staying at the home, which belonged to a childhood friend. Ralys reportedly told investigators that he was “lonely” and simply went to “sleep” with the boy in his room.

Though he said he went into the room to cuddle, reports suggest he was found on top of the child he said he had known since he was 2 years old.

The teen reportedly contrasted Ralys’ story, telling authorities that he woke up and found that Ralys had removed his underwear. He also alleged that the man had previously performed a sex act on him and shown him pornography.

Officials say the investigation remains open and anyone with information is asked to contact the sheriff’s office by calling 386-323-3574.

Ralys is expected to face charges including sexual battery. Authorities say additional counts are likely to be added.

[Featured image: Alexander Ralys, Volusia County Sheriff’s Office]