Scott Peterson allegedly gives fellow inmate ‘sexual favors’ for protection at San Quentin

‘He’ll do just about anything to save his worthless neck’

A California armed robber who landed on death row in 1983 following a fatal police officer shooting, claims that notorious wife and baby killer Scott Peterson is his “death row sissy” who doles out sexual favors in exchange for protection after leaving San Quentin State Prison’s protective custody.

“I call him my death row sissy because he’ll do just about anything to save his worthless neck,” 61-year-old San Quentin inmate Raynard Cummings allegedly wrote about Peterson, according to RadarOnline.

Peterson, currently on death row for the 2002 murder of his wife, Laci, and their unborn baby, Conner, asked to be released from protective custody and into “general death-row population,” according to a reported 18-page letter written by Cummings. These days, according to Cummings, Peterson washes other inmates’ underwear, gives “oiled” back rubs and performs sexual favors. In exchange, his protectors make sure no one kills Peterson.

Raynard Cummings [San Quentin State Prison]
“For whatever reasons, SP wanted to hang out with the badest [sic] of the blackness…This is the circle in which SP chose to walk into in the middle — and then to stay in the middle of — learning the program,” Cummings reportedly wrote.

Cummings, who referred to Peterson as his “snowbunny,” described an incident in which he caught Peterson kneeling down washing another inmate’s underwear, when he demanded Peterson to give him oral sex. He also described Peterson as a “handsome white boy.”

“Taking SP [Scott Peterson] in was and is one of the sweetest move[s] I’ve ever made in 37 years of death row imprisonment.”

According to Lieutenant Sam Robinson, San Quentin’s Public Information Officer, death row inmate are not necessarily confined to their cells without interaction with others, KALW reports. Prisoners on death row who are considered the “most compliant” are offered tier time, where they get to exercise in the yard, take showers, make wall phone calls, and mingle.

“These guys are the most compliant condemned inmates that we have here at this facility, so they get tier time.”

Official at San Quentin have yet to comment on the allegations.

[Feature Photo: Scott Peterson/California Department of Corrections]