Bellamy Gamboa: Ex accused of killing missing mom of 4 reportedly searched dumpster routes and ‘where they go’

A Virginia man who police say admitted to killing his ex-girlfriend also reportedly searched trash dumpster routes to determine “where they go.”

WAVY reports that according to court documents from filed at the Norfolk Circuit Court, 41-year-old suspected killer Lamont Johnson used his cellphone and his work computer to search for “trash dumpsters and where they go.” The details were found in a search warrant carried out by Virginia State Police after Bellamy Gamboa, 39, the mother of Johnson’s twin toddlers, disappeared from the Virginia Beach apartment on July 2.

On July 3, authorities retrieved Bellamy’s car, a 2015 Gold Ford Focus, from an impound lot after sanitation workers at an apartment complex off of the 5800 block of Pickering Street found it parked in front of a dumpster. The car was situated in a way that workers couldn’t get to the dumpster in order to remove the trash for the day, and in turn, the apartment manager reportedly had it towed away.

Lamont Johnson [Virginia Beach PD]
Further, detectives stated that after finding the car, they noticed the driver’s seat was pushed further back than someone at Bellamy’s height, 5-foot-1-inches, would have needed. Lamont stands 6-feet-4-inches tall.

Surveillance footage obtained from a 7-Eleven store around 1/4 mile away from Johnson and Bellamy’s Virginia Beach apartment showed Johnson entering the store at around 1 a.m. on July 2. He wore a grey shirt that was reportedly drenched, which authorities said was likely due to profuse sweating. Johnson previously admitted he went to the store to get gas and cigarettes. Court documents indicate he left his toddler twins at home alone while going to the store.

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As CrimeOnline previously reported, Johnson allegedly confessed to Virginia Beach authorities that he killed his former girlfriend, placed her in a bag, and dumped her somewhere in the Chesapeake area.

According to court documents, Johnson admitted that he pushed Gamboa down the stairs, “fell” on top of her and strangled her until she died.

Although they were no longer a couple, Gamboa and Johnson lived together at the Diamond Springs Apartments off of Diamond Springs Road and Shore Drive in Virginia Beach, where they co-parented their twin toddlers.

Bellamy (L) and Charisse (R) Gamboa [Family Handout]
Charisse Gamboa, Bellamy’s younger sister, told CrimeOnline that authorities are no longer searching for Bellamy’s body, as there is a good chance she will “never be found.” It’s something that Charisse and her family agreed on. Due to the nature of the investigation, Charisse couldn’t give additional information on why the search was called off, but said that the family will continue to spread awareness on domestic abuse via a campaign in the works called “4Bellamy.”

Bellamy was the second person authorities issued an Ashanti Alert for when she disappeared, a new alert created specifically for adults after 19-year-old Ashanti Billie was found murdered last year in North Carolina.

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Johnson remains behind bars on charges of second-degree murder and contributing to the delinquency/abuse of a child.

[Feature Photo: Bellamy Gamboa/Handout]