College athlete suspected in string of sexual assaults on campus, cops want other victims to come forward

Authorities in California believe a 19-year-old California State University at Northridge student sexually assaulted multiple women dating back more than a year.

According to KABC, the Los Angeles Police Department and campus authorities are asking any additional victims to report their stories following the recent arrest of David Moreno-Jaime.

Reports indicate he was a member of the school’s soccer team.

The suspect allegedly victimized women by using drugs, alcohol and threats. Claims began to surface in the past couple of weeks as his image began to spread widely via social media.

One accuser said Moreno-Jaime groped her about a year ago, adding that she is glad he is facing criminal charges.

She said she believes nearly a dozen other women could share similar accounts of his sexual misconduct.

Another individual alleged that the suspect coerced his girlfriend to help him live out his fantasies.

“I automatically knew that the relationship was toxic due to the fact that she was asking several girls to have intercourse with both of them, and if she didn’t find another girl to do so, he would dump her,” the student claimed.

Campus police arrested the suspect shortly after noon on Friday. CSUN Police Chief Anne Glavin is calling on anyone with a similar story to bring it to investigators.

“It does not matter where the crime occurred, please just walk into one or the other police departments and report what happened,” she advised.

Galvin reiterated in her statement to other potential victims that police “are committed to helping you in any way that we can.”

Anyone with information about other possible crimes connected to this arrest is encouraged to contact CSUN police by calling 818-677-6919 or the LAPD at 818-832-0609. You can also leave an anonymous tip at Crime Stoppers by calling 800-222-8477.

[Featured image: Davis Moreno-Jaime, Cal State Northridge, Los Angeles]