[Graphic Video] Officer appears to fatally shoot black suspect as he runs away

Prosecutors in Tennessee have released disturbing footage that shows the moment an officer opened fire on a black man running away from him.

The death of 25-year-old Daniel Hambrick has sparked widespread backlash in Nashville since the July 26 shooting.

Graphic footage released this week by the Nashville district attorney’s office added to the protests as critics say the suspect — who reports indicate was armed at the time of the shooting — did not pose a threat to officer Andrew Delke at the time of the shooting.

It is unclear whether Delke or officers who arrived a short time later provided any first aid to the fallen Hambrick, but the video indicates he remained at the scene with his gun drawn and approached the body on the ground after firing the fatal shots.

According to The Tennessean, Hambrick’s family has joined forces with the local chapter of the NAACP in calling for the officer to be charged with homicide in connection with the shooting.

The family’s attorney, Jo Kimbrough, said that the facts of the case indicate the elements for even more serious charges were displayed.

“He shoots him repeatedly from behind,” the lawyer said. “The police officer fired four times, three of those bullets ripped Daniel apart. He fell to the ground, where he was cuffed and left, left like a dog. Worse than a dog. I’m a criminal defense attorney. If there is ever a case of premeditated first-degree murder, this is it.”

The Fraternal Order of Police, however, have a different interpretation of what president James Smallwood described as a “grainy video.”

He went on to say that the clip “in no way paints a complete image of what occurred that day.”

The FOP representative noted that the suspect was armed and that Delke’s actions were “absolutely necessary and reasonable” in the moment. He went on to say that he did not believe the district attorney’s office should have released the clip.

Prosecutors have not yet decided whether to file charges against the officer. Nashville Mayor David Briley urged restraint among members of the community who are outraged over the shooting death.

He asked that the city “be patient, that we reserve acting, that we conduct ourselves as Nashville always does in a peaceful and orderly way.”

VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED: Video contains graphic content some viewers might find disturbing.

[Featured image: Daniel Hambrick (l) and Andrew Delke (r)/The Tennessean, video screenshot and Metro Nashville Police Department]