Man guns down city official, torches neighbor’s home over code violation complaints: Cops

Authorities in Utah say a 64-year-old man shot and killed a code enforcement officer before burning her truck and his neighbor’s home.

The incident was allegedly rooted in a series of complaints about apparent code violations on Kevin Wayne Billings’ West Valley City home as reported by the Miami Herald.

Emergency personnel responded to the scene on Thursday morning where they found Jill Robinson dead.

According to a police report, Billings is accused of dousing the victim and her vehicle in gasoline before setting them ablaze. He then allegedly crossed onto neighboring property through a breach in a fence between the yards.

He then set that residence on fire, police say.

A spokesperson for the residents said all the human occupants survived but eight pets living at the location died. Pam Nichols went on to indicate that the targeted residents had previously reported Billings’ code violations to city officials.

Billings was arrested at the scene and is expected to face criminal charges including first-degree aggravated murder and first-degree aggravated arson.

Prior to his arrest, reports indicate the suspect stood in his driveway and proclaimed the city official “got what she deserved,” apparently referring to her investigation of the report against him.

Witnesses described hearing a loud boom at about 10:30 a.m., followed by signs of a fire.

“A few minutes later I heard people screaming and I was like, ‘Oh my god, someone got shot,'” Lanette Perkins said. “And I look outside and the truck was in flames.”

Mayor Pro Tem Steve Buhler offered kind words to remember the code enforcement officer.

“She was very involved in her job and had creative ways of doing her job and interacting with the people of West Valley, which she served,” he said. “And she was a tremendous softball enthusiast.”

[Featured image: Kevin Wayne Billings, Salt Lake County Jail]