Wake Forest basketball coach charged in fatal assault of media exec: Cops

Authorities in New York City say a 35-year-old assistant coach for the Wake Forest University basketball team was arrested on suspicion of assault after he allegedly punched a man who later died of his injuries.

According to The New York Times, police say Jamill Jones was engaged in a physical altercation with the victim, 35-year-old Sandor Szabo, early Sunday morning on Long Island.

After allegedly punching Szabo in the face and watching him fall to the ground, the attacker is reportedly seen walking to a white SUV and driving away from the scene.

One source cited in media reports suggested the victim might have been harassing drivers by pounding on vehicle windows on the roadway. He was identified as a Florida resident who worked as an executive for a small digital media firm.

A statement by What If Media described him as “super outgoing, friendly, and an incredibly smart businessman.”

Szabo was transported to an area hospital where he was initially listed in critical condition. He was pronounced dead two days later.

Authorities say the suspect, a North Carolina resident, surrendered on Thursday in connection with the case and is expected to face a misdemeanor charge. Additional charges could be announced as the investigation continues.

His attorney said he has since been released on his own recognizance.

A statement from Wake Forest Athletic Communications issued a preliminary statement indicating that it was “gathering information” before making further comments.

The suspect’s family made a separate statement pleading with the public to let the matter play out in court.

“The Jones family stands by Jamill, and his legal right to be presumed innocent in what is, ultimately, a tragic incident,” the statement read. “Jamill Jones is a wonderful son and father — a good-hearted man who protects his loved ones from harm.”

[Featured images: Jamill Jones and Sandor Szabo/Associated Press and Facebook]