8-year-old boy douses younger boy in nail polish remover and sets him ablaze, causing serious injuries: Reports

A 7-year-old boy in Missouri is recovering from severe facial burns after his mother says another boy doused him with nail polish remover and set him on fire.

According to WDAF, mother Ashley Lyons says the incident resulted in multiple surgeries and a noticeable toll on young Julien’s otherwise upbeat demeanor.

The incident took place on Monday at an apartment complex in Independence, where both boys lived and Lyons said has become wrought with crime. She said the boy responsible is 8 years old.

Her son’s injuries extended internally, she said, recalling the phone call she received and subsequent updates from medical staff.

“I had received a call when I got to court that my son was being rushed to Children’s Mercy Hospital from a child drowning my son in fingernail polish remover and lit him on fire on purpose,” she said.

Not only did doctors have to “scrape his face and all of his skins,” she said the extent of his internal injuries is still unclear.

“We really don’t know because he inhaled the flames, that the smoke deteriorated inside his nostrils,” she said. “It will take three to six months to find out if the lungs could still collapse, if we’re going to have to do skin grafts.”

Independence police pushed back against any implication that the “isolated incident” was indicative of increased crime in the community.

“IPD has two officers assigned full-time to work in the Hawthorne Place Apartment and additional officers are assigned to the complex during other hours when those two officers are not there (7 days a week coverage),” said spokesman John Syme.

The family has created an online funraiser to assist with mounting medical costs.

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